About Us

The CPM Group is a project team leader who can coordinate all facets of a project from conception till handing over and commissioning, starting with feasibility, funding, design and execution to produce an expedient and successful completion of the project. CPM is a firm who’s Engineers, Financial analysts and professional staffs have the qualifications and the solid field experience required to ensure that each project under its control meets all cost, time and quality constraints.
CPM Group services consist of seven divisions:
General Contracting – The overall construction of a project.
Project Management – The comprehensive management of all aspects of projects.
Design and Supervision – Design and Supervision of a particular project, according to the needs of a client.
Project Funding and Finance – The ability to offer the right money-saving and of Finance solutions, after evaluating the needs and requirement or the clients.
Procurement – Acquiring and providing the equipment and supplies for a project or any particular commodity.
Waste to Energy – Turning waste into energy or gas using the latest friendly environmental technologies.
Real Estate Development – A multifaceted business process that ranges from purchasing and development of a land to partnering with landowners and building the concept into reality.

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Our Mission

In an industry, where integrity and endurance are not just  corporate policies but eminent requirements, CPM has made it their mission statement and have been the forerunners in setting these standards for the construction industry in the region.

Integrity and endurance will be the hallmark of the way we work and in all our dealings with time and budget without compromising quality at any stage. CPM Group creates successful partnerships with our clients throughout the construction process and provides the upmost construction services. By the help of the members of this group, we hope to establish long lasting relationships with our clients where we can exceed their expectations and gain their trust.



Our main objectives are to present the maximum abilities CPM Group has to offer, and to aim in being a market leader in Engineering and Project Funding services in the Middle East.



With close to half a century to its credit, CPM International Group stands as an icon to quality, Trust and Professionalism in the Construction, Engineering and Project Funding.