We are a service provider and facilitator, we represent more than 15 years of experience in business and property finance, including years of operating in the export within international trade and industry. As part of our further affiliation and connections within the commercial finance community, we are able to offer money saving finance solutions, which means being a result orientated partner for our clients.

We provide a wide range of traditional and just-in-time business finance solutions, offered after carefully evaluating your needs and requirements. Our knowledge of and connections in commercial property/real estate in particular covers all of the UK and Europe (including most emerging markets), the Middle East and Africa. We connect directly with these and other world market centers on behalf of our clients. This includes the Far East, the Asia Pacific region, north and South America.

There are two main drivers in creating successful finance solutions. One is to have a vast knowledge of international finance and the money processes, and the second is to understand how to assist our clients in packaging and presenting your individual financing requirements. This way any banker can quickly and accurately grasp the financial merits of the project. We do not only have global reach itself, we directly engage with other mainstream Banks, institutional investors and other private and non-banking sources. Our commitment is to match your need with the most suitable finance proposal against the best possible terms. We even assist in giving advice in preparing your business plan.

In the world of finance it is often who you know, and knowing whom to engage at what time. Some of the major banks prefer to finance downtown office developments, urban rejuvenation projects or prestigious hotel resort constructions, while other more regional private financiers may prefer to concentrate on providing loans for organic farming, windmill energy or a single buy-to-let purchase. Regardless your needs, we commit to giving your project adequate time and attention and offer the full spectrum of finance solutions we can draw from, ranging from $ 2 million to unlimited funds in all major currencies.

Our management is dedicated to giving the best possible personal attention and service:

Give us your challenge, so we can provide the solution – financially speaking



CPM Group specializes in structuring and securing Development funding around the world, providing tailor-made options to suit most scenarios including:

  • Townhouses/villas
  • High-rise Apartment Developments
  • Hotels /Resorts
  • Industrial / Manufacturing

Whether you have 100% pre-sales or no pre-sales, we tailor make each funding structure on a project by project basis.

Below is an outline and comparison of Funding parameters through traditional Banks, compared to securing finance through Private Funders

who specialize in the Development Finance sector.

Property game

Bank Funding

  • LVR of 70% of GRV (exc  TX)
  • High-Risk deals   require 100%   debt coverage in Pre-Sales.
  • Full Financials of the Developer
  • Developer needs   extensive experience in the  industry

Bank Guarantee Funding

So, you need funds for a project but do not have any hard assets? Do you not have much cash in the bank?

One way of securing a loan to fund your project is by using a Bank Guarantee, we can use this bank instrument to raise funds for your project at very competitive interest rates.

There are 3 options when selecting the type of loan you can apply for as you can see below.

  1. Principle and Interest – You start making repayments after the first month
  2. Interest ONLY – You start making interest only repayments monthly and the principle when the project is completed. ( or renegotiate terms on project completion)
  3. Capitalized Interest – You make no repayments until the loan is completed.


Please keep in mind that each of the above options has its own interest rate.

Now the Bank Guarantee must be issued in EURO and must be issued from a TOP 10

European Bank in the format we provide you via MT 760.

Once you are ready please talk to us and we will email you our application, this must be sent back with an RWA from your bank.

The value of the Bank Guarantee depends on the LOAN amount and will be discussed in our initial consultation.


Experienced Developers

Experienced developers located in the capital cities in the Eastern States who have Funding Requirements starting from $10M,

CPM group can provide you with a solution based  on the  following


  • Minimum Loan Amount of $10,000,000
  • Pre-Sale Requirement equivalent to 60% of Debt Cover
  • Competitive Interest Rate from 5.00%   p.a.
  • LVR parameters: 70% of GRV

Private Funding

CPM Group understands the intricacies of undertaking development projects and the frustrations that Developers face from dealing with the Big Banks.

As a result, we have  available a network of Private Funders who are very commercial in their approach and specialize in Development Funding to suit a variety of low to high-density projects.

CPM  can provide you with a solution based  on the  following parameters:

  • Loan amounts ranging from $500,000 up to $200M+
  • Higher LVR’s that are based on Gross Realization Value (GRV), with no restriction on Loan to Cost Ratios.
  • Faster turnaround times than the banks
  • No Pre-Sale requirements for projects requiring funding of up to $15M

Call us today to discuss your Project and Development Funding needs, or leave us an inquiry and one of our Specialists will contact you shortly.



We work with all financial instruments but it falls down to how strong your bank is!!!

Services we offer

      • Business Banking
      • Business financing
      • Project Funding
      • Residential and Commercial Funding
      • Home Loans
      • Commercial Loans
      • Development Funding
      • Bank Guarantee (Sales)
      • Bank Guarantee (Buying)
      • Bank Guarantee (Discounting)
      • Bank Guarantee (Line Of Credit)
      • Currency Exchange
      • Paymaster Services
      • Commodities
      • High yield investment
      • SBLC
      • MTN
      • Bank Bonds
      • Corporate Bonds


Project Funding Procedure

      • CPM studies the application submitted by the party (available upon request)
      • Provide advise to the client
      • Study the project profitability
      • CPM will either fund the project directly or via associates all over the world in the financing business in order to comply with the client’s needs and provide Funding
      • Fund the project following an agreed financial provision

For Some ompleted Financed Projects please check under Gallery.