CPM have successfully built over the past 40 years an international Network of relations encompassing the private to large organization Investment entities, willing and able to provide and sometimes join in ventures with large capital.CPM is a  service provider and facilitator. As part of our affiliation and connections within the commercial finance community we are able to offer money saving finance solutions, which means being a result orientated partner for you the clients  We provide a wide range of traditional and just-in-time business finance solutions. Offered after carefully evaluating the Client’s needs and requirements. Our expertise and Network covers the UK and Europe (including most emerging markets), the Middle East and Africa. CPM is  connected directly with these and other world market centres on behalf of the clients including the Far East, the Asia Pacific region, north and South America. The two main drivers creates successful finance solutions: Having vast knowledge of international finance and the money processes Understanding how to assist the clients in packaging and presenting their individual financing requirements  This way Bankers can quickly and accurately grasp the financial merits of the project. By having global reach, we directly engage with other mainstream Banks, institutional investors and other private and non-banking sources. Our commitment is to match the client needs with the most suitable financial proposal against the best possible terms, in addition to advising in the preparation of the business plan.
Project Funding Services

  • Business financing
  • Project Funding
  • Residential and Commercial Funding
  • Commercial Loans
  • Development Funding
  • Bank Guarantee (Sales)
  • Bank Guarantee (Buying)
  • Bank Guarantee (Discounting)
  • Bank Guarantee (Line Of Credit)
  • high hiil investment
  • Currency Exchange
  • Paymaster Services
  • SBLC
  • MTN
  • Bank Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds

Project Funding Procedure

  • CPM studies the application submitted by the party (available upon request)
  • Provide advise to the client
  • Study the project profitability
  • Communicate with associates all over the world in the financing business in order to comply with the client’s needs and provide Funding
  • Fund the project following an agreed financial provision