CPM UHTG has developed the ultimate solution to treat waste without waste residues and without harmful emissions to the environment and at the same time recover all valuable constituents of the waste (and biomass) at highest economic conditions. The CPM UHTG waste-to-energy patented technology consists of an induction heated, ultra-high temperature gasification process. At temperatures above 1’250°C it converts all the organic content of the waste stream to a high- energy synthetic gas “syngas” while the inorganic content is converted to an inert, non-leachable basalt-like material.
CPM UHTG looks at waste as a source of energy!
The ease of operation, high efficiency and productivity of the CPM UHTG thermal converter makes it the most exiting and versatile waste-to-energy unit on the market today. It is designed to be a hard working tool for governments and businesses to eradicate toxins of virtually any kind!

CPM UHTG offers the following energy recovery possibilities:

  • Utilization of the syngas with an afterburner, subsequent steam turbine and electricity generator respectively 

  • Utilization of the syngas with a gas motor, combined with an electricity generator 

  • Utilization of the off-heat with a conventional heat-exchanger for heating or cooling 

  • Utilization of the off-heat with the CPM UHTG electro-mechanical cell for electricity production 

  • Utilization of the syngas for industrial applications to substitute oil and gas 

  • Liquefying the syngas to synthetic petroleum
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Conversion of the syngas to hydrogen and subsequent production of electricity with a fuel cell CPM UHTG TECHNOLOGY


  • To safeguard – Human health and environment
  • To provide – Efficient and cost-effective, environmental friendly waste management and alternative energy production
  • To deliver – A thermal degradation system that completely sanitizes waste and recovers all valuable elements at the highest efficiency
  • To destroy – Toxic components at ultra-high temperatures, without any harmful emissions to the environment, using state of the art technology
  • To recover – and utilize the energy content of the waste